Join The WordPress Rockets Mastermind And Receive The Support You Need

If you want to step up your WordPress Game and get support for all the challenges while building websites, than you might want to read about it on this webpage. In my mastermind group you will have everything you need to build websites, not only for you, but also for other businesses. Let me show you what we got here.

Imagine An Environment with everything You Need to thrive Online

When I started out with building websites, I had no clue what so ever. I learned it all by myself. 7 years of experimenting and learning new things. But you don’t have to invest 7 years of your time to learn the same. There is a saying that: “The student surpasses the teacher” – So let me show you and see what is possible.

Literally Everything I teach can be found for free on Youtube..

What makes the difference, if you join the WordPress Rockets Mastermind? See, I have been working with a lot of people one on one. What I noticed every time, is that the building of a website is easy for everyone, but it gets difficult as soon as something does not work as we want too. 

You Can not imagine how often i was struggling with finding the right answer

Yes, we can find all solutions to our problems on YouTube for free. But what if, we don’t even know what to look for? What if we don’t even know what the problem is in the first place? Well in this case Google & YouTube won’t be the smartest solution to find your answer. In this case you could talk to someone that has been through the same problems. Someone that can help you to find the right solution faster. So you can move faster and at one point surpass your teacher.

Let me help you on your journey

In the WordPress Rockets Mastermind you will never be alone again with your questions. I will personally assist you and will give you access to my video tutorials, zoom livestreams and a dedicated peer-to-peer support group. How does it sound? Do you think you could thrive in an environment like this? An environment where we care about helping each other, because if we work together, share experiences, share learnings that’s when we are able to create amazing things. So give it a try. Let’s make you the next WordPress Rocket and see where the journey brings us together.

Your Benefits of the WordPress Rockets Mastermind

Let me help you on your WordPress journey

Detailed video tutorials

Access 24/7 in the Comads Online Academy

One Zoom Meeting Every Week

Ask your questions live and learn how to build different websites and functions live on screen.

Forum Access for all your questions

Access our private forum, find answers and ask the community & Chris for help. 

Peer to Peer Support Group Access

Connect with other students and learn from them, as they can learn from you.

Let me help you on your journey